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  How to earn $10,000 while learning to SEO

Your new career as SEO Consultant. Projected Earnings:

Choosing A Niche:

Offer SEO services to a niche like plumbers, electricians.

Do this within 15 minutes of reading this! Take action now!

Pick What Type Of SEO To Do:

On-page optimization.

Link building.



Become an SEO Reseller?

  • Posirank - For Off-Site Optimization Tasks
  • UpCity: Local Inbound Marketing Platform for Agencies
  • HubShout

Buy a domain name and join Twitter.

Do this within 5 minutes of reading this! Take action now!

Mochahost are good hosting company.

Join the Twitter conversation 10 mins a day favorite and add comments to tweets.

Start tweeting about SEO articles, news etc,I use buffer it saves time.

Follow others who are in SEO industry and make comments about their tweets and most of them will follow you back especially if they live in same area as you.

Challenge: Get 40 Twitter Followers in a week.

LinkedIn will provide you with work so join them within 5 minutes of reading this! Take action.

Create an email signature. "Need more visitors and sales? Let me do your SEO contact me now.

Challenge: Get Your First SEO Job

Bid low to get the experience.

How much to charge and what service type?

Challenge : Your Portfolio
Ok you have done a few SEO projects and you want them now on your own website to show prospective customers.

Also think of ways to improve your own website and the SEO rankings for long tail keywords like "seo services (for your niche say electricians)".

Challenge : Do SEO for a friend.

Contact a friend or relative that has a business and offer to do some SEO for free or $200.

Challenge : Do SEO for $100

Post the deal on reddit,craigslist etc and make sure you say you are doing this to build up your portfolio.

Once you have had several SEO projects you can put them on your website and start raising your bids.

6 Months From Now:

Okay you have taken action and 6 months later you should have $10,000 in sales from your SEO work.

Whatever you decide whether it is go full time or stay part time good luck!