Make Money Fast Online Now

  • Find your niche — what do you want to be good at, figure out what you're good at. If you're serious about making big amounts of cash in the long term, you need to answer those questions.
  • Build a blog on a custom domain — You have to have a place online to filter all that traffic and get people interested in what you have to sell. You need to create a blog but not on a subdomain like, you need to create a blog with a custom domain like to make money fast online now.
  • Add value — You need to be seen as an authority and this takes time. You need to build trust, which in turn helps to grow your audience and readership. You need to build trust and it will take time.
  • Build an email list, I use mailchimp it is easy and fast and costs from $10 per rmonth. I give away several online courses to get the email address then you cann offer quality products or services to that list by clicking a send button in mailchimp if you want to make money fast online now

  • Post a link to your lead magnet on Facebook related niche groups so it could be a course, free pdf about losing weight etc which leads to your website email opt in form.

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